Monday, 19 May 2008

Oxfam Week

Sucked. I decided to devote one whole week to knitting 9x9 squares for Oxfam, because it's a good thing to do and they would be easy. My goal was to make at least 3, but hope to make 4 or maybe even 5. Well let me tell you, simple 9x9 squares are not as easy and enjoyable as they sound. At least for me they weren't. Each and every one that I am sending I hate. Either something went wrong with them and/or they're just plain fugly. I'm keeping one because I have to-it's far too big and won't be usable in the charity blanket. Good thinking on the boyfriend's part, though; we ordered an old Scrabble game on Ebay and it doesn't have the nice handy bag for all the letter tiles to live in-enter effed up Oxfam square...

I am glad to see the end of Oxfam week because, in addition to the fact that my squares sucked, it wasn't enjoyable. I think that was because I didn't have a finished product to visualise. All I kept thinking as I was knitting these craptacular squares was, 'I hope they even use this - it's so ugly/misshapen/ugly.' If I never knit another annoying 9x9 square as long as I live I will be a happy girl. Does it make me a bad person that I hated knitting for charity so much? You know what, even if it does, I'm ok with that. I'm sending them out as soon as possible, the sooner the better. Good riddance to them!

Here's a little peek at them. The green one was supposed to have a pattern on it, but since I'm a genius I just forgot to do it; the purple one was supposed to have a red cross-ish type pattern on it, but it was getting too big so now it looks much more like a Christian cross which is cool if that's your thing, but it just really isn't mine; the red one is way too small, good thing it's stretchy; and the blue one is lopsided. Hunks of crap!

Anyway, on to better things. I plan to knit a myriad of toys in the next few weeks; some for my friend's baby (I have so many ideas for that lucky little girl I had to write them down to remember them all), and some just for my own amusement. I started tonight and am already half done with the first one. Much more fun than knitting stupid squares. (Can you tell I'm still bitter about the squares?)

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