Tuesday, 29 April 2008



So the thing about a knitting blog is that posts can't be all that frequent because projects take time (unless you're a super knitter, in which case I'm jealous). But I'm currently working hard on a project, and I have some sweet ideas for future ones which I'm pretty excited about. What I'm working on now is pretty much my dream shrug. It's long sleeved with a hood. I'll go into details about what pattern I used, and how I modified it, when it's all done and I can show pictures to illustrate (visual aid is always helpful). When that's done, I want to make some dolls. Oh, but not just any dolls. Nightmare Before Christmas Jack and Sally dolls. I plan to give them to my friend's new baby (the same one I made the badass rocker cardi for). I've already thought about how to make Jack's pinstripe suit and Sally's patchwork dress and skin... It will be a tough new challenge, but I'm up for it. When I'm done hopefully they'll look as sweet as they do in my mind's eye and not like crappy lumps of misshapen yarn. We'll see. But if I'm ever going to finish my shrug I need to go buy more yarn so that's it for now. Happy knitting!

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